Nancy & Robert SchlesingerNancy and Robert Schlesinger are the founders of Health Aides Made Easy, a business dedicated    to seeking out the best adaptive clothing for people with disabilities. After Nancy retired from a  career in fashion and Robert from Wall St., they wanted to spend their time constructively . Many  months were spent researching a new business; a business that interested them both and they  could build together. During that time they became aware of several newspaper and magazine  articles discussing innovative fashionable adaptive clothing. Having never heard of adaptive  clothing, they were intrigued. 


 They asked friends and family if they had heard of it. The answer was no. They decided that it would be their mission to explore the marketplace for modified clothing designed to help people with limited mobility. They wanted to present functional and fashionable clothing that was inclusive for all levels of ability whether young or old. Their carefully chosen clothing, from multiple manufacturers and designers, offers their clients a great variety of dressing options.

They continue today to look for new products that can help those who find the daily practice of getting dressed stressful. Their motto is, no matter your age or abilities , if you look good you will feel better.


"I recently purchased the flowered turban in fuchsia and I just love it! The company provided great service and I will definitely purchase from them again. Thank you Health Aides." - Katrina Maranan

"So glad I found Health Aides Made Easy. I was unaware of adaptive pants until I found their website. These are the perfect pants for my dad who has a catheter and colostomy bag. These pants will make it so much easier for my sick, elderly mom when she has to attend to my dad. Wish we had found them sooner! Great company. Very helpful staff. I highly recommend them. They have been a blessing to our family." - Jean Russell

"I bought my husband the zipway warmup pants. He loves them and wears them to the gym all the time. He found them so much easier to put on and take off. Good news for me! Great service, fast delivery. Thank you so much." - Leila Gorra

"I ordered the Celine Pro PT top and it's great! I love the color and it is very comfortable. Ordering was easy and I received it quickly. I would order again!" - Debi Gross

Featured in the Parkinson's Resource Organization's Newsletter.

As seen in Disability Action Center NW , March 2017 Newsletter